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2019 Spring Coaches Application


How do I become a team manager or coach?

To be considered for a manager / coach position with RRBL, you must first fill out the appropriate application during our registration period. You are also required to submit information for a background check.   On the application, you will be asked to provide your contact information, coaching background / league experience (if any), character references, and the basic information required for the background check.   Background check results and any disciplinary history with our league (ejections, suspensions, etc) will be considered for all applicants.

RRBL uses Protect Youth Sports to conduct background checks.  Once your information has been submitted to their site, we typically receive the results within 48-72 hours.  Any convictions, guilty pleas, or no contest pleas for violent /abusive behavior will be cause for automatic rejection of your application by the league.  All other convictions will be considered on a case by case basis by the league President and one other Executive Officer.  Although the information obtained through the background check process is available in the public domain, your results will not be discussed with anyone else without your permission. 

Once the registration period closes, the Board of Directors will review all manager applications with successful background checks and then select the team managers for that season.   Just because you fill out a managers application and pass the background check does not necessarily mean that you will be selected to manage a team.  

After the team managers have been selected by the Board, each manager will select his coaching staff based on current league guidelines for the number coaches in each age group. 


General league information for all managers / coaches

Youth baseball is made up of various national, local, and independent associations.  RRBL is an independent local league.  You will need to learn as much as you can about the our league rules and other policies.   RRBL rules of play are based on the major league rules with modifications for youth play and exceptions specific to each age group.  The team manager and his coaches will be responsible for team compliance with all league rules / policies (parents and fans included).

In addition to coaching your team, their are many other events that you will be responsible for such as tryouts, team photos, uniform and equipment pick-ups just to name a few.  The league will communicate this information to you via the email address you provided on your application.  Please make sure you have provided an accurate email address from an account that you will check on a regular basis.  We will also post important information on the league website so please check the site regularly during the season.  Although your age group commissioner or other league official may occasionally need to you contact by telephone, email and the league website will always be the primary means of league communication.


NO Tolerance Policy.  What is it?

RRBL also has a “NO TOLERANCE” policy that is in effect at all times.  The league will not tolerate abusive language, use of drugs, alcoholic beverages, or smoking at league events.  The use of profanity, loss of temper, abuse of equipment or any other unsportsmanlike or abusive behavior will NOT be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate removal from the facility by a league official.  If required, the Police Department will be contacted to aid in the enforcement of all park policies.  Repeat violations of this policy or other disciplinary issues may result in permanent removal from the league.

Agreement to comply with all league and park policies is included as a condition of registration.  All RRBL polices and rules of play can be reviewed on the league web site or by clicking on the link below:

RRBL & Park Policies

RRBL Rules of Play 

General coaching information:

Extensive experience as a player is not necessarily a prerequisite for being a good youth baseball coach.  All you need is a love for the game and a willingness to educate yourself in order to help kids of all ability levels develop the basic skills necessary to enjoy the game as well.   You also need to be organized.  Many times the most organized coaches, regardless of playing experience, are the best youth coaches in any organization.

Baseball is largely a game of skills. Talent is important but skills must be learned even for the most talented players. Skills are the mechanical movements your body must execute to perform a task like swinging a bat or throwing a ball. Correct mechanics are important to learn early because bad mechanics are hard to correct once a player has performed them over several years. It is very important that coaches learn the correct mechanics and drills to teach these skills. Coaches in T-Ball and Coach Pitch need to get young players started correctly.  Advanced league coaches need to continue to reinforce good mechanics, so it is important that all coaches know them. Don't assume you know the correct mechanics, because chances are you may not. Even if you do, you may not know how to teach them. Read, watch videos, and attend coaches clinics to learn the correct skills and drills for teaching this skills. Have your assistant coaches and parents learn them too. They will be spending a large amount of time teaching these mechanics too. It will benefit their child and others on your team.   There is a lot of information available on in bookstores and on the internet to help you with basic skills, strategies, and practice organization. 

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